Marble Solution

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Our aim to help your natural stone or marble retain its natural beauty, which will save you lots money in the long term on restoration and replacements. Marble Solutions, that specializes in Marble cleaning & marble restoration.

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Marble cleaning and restoration

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  • Maintain Property value
  • Experiences technicians
  • Salt, Graffiti & stain removal
  • Cleaning, polishing and protection
  • Grout cleaning & protection
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All natural stone floors, marble, limestone and granite require a degree of restoration and maintenance. Exactly how you clean marble depends on what caused the damage in the first place.Marble tiles often lose their shine because of grit on the floor surface. Cleaning marble tiles begins with regular sweeping thus keeping the grit off the floor. This prevents the marble floor getting scratched and clean marble floor clean always shine.Use of correct marble cleaning products it vital to maintaining a perfect floor. all products we use are designed specifically for natural stone, we apply only the most modern techniques to restore your floor to its natural beauty.

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  • Maintain Property value
  • Quality services
  • Delivered on time by professionals.
  • Experiences technicians.
  • Advance and environment  technique.
  • Color and shine restoration( matte or mirror –like).
  • Care and maintenance programs.
  • Leveling/elimination of lippage.
  • Grout cleaning & protection.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Cleaning, polishing and protection.
  • Salt, Graffiti & stain removal
  • Resin applications
  • Complete restoration analysis.
  • And much more !!!
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