Anti Slip Treatment

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Reduces the risk and danger of slip / fall and the resultant potential of personal injury. It is a positive, proven safety solution for owners of residential and commercial properties and facilities.

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  • Anti slip/fall treatment
  • The solution to the world’s slip and fall accidents
  • Proven safety solution
  • Reduces the risk and danger
  • proven safety
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When surfaces become wet or moist, those surfaces are automatically skid and slip resistant, when treated with the product

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  • High protection
  • Safe and inflammable
  • Avoid injury
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Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Hotels, Resorts, Office Buildings, Banks, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools,  Malls, Food Courts, Medical  Facilities, Bath, Spas, Tubs, Showers, Pool Areas, College Dormitories, Clubs, Government Buildings, almost any public commercial facility.

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